New Testament Books

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In the original language, the New Testament books of the Bible were letters written to the Churches. For our conveniences, chapters and verses where put in to give an address to different passages in Scripture. Unfortunately,  confusion can arise by breaking the message at the wrong points. Many of the verse breaks are in the middle of a sentence, or cross over another sentence, which when they are taken as a whole within themselves they leave out the context and therefore confuse the meaning of the passage. There is even a greater problem when this happens with a Chapter break and it often does.

To help clear up any confusion caused by incorrect chapter and verse breaks, I translate the book into letter forms for when I am working on sermons from the books. This helps me get a better flow going in my mind, and keeps the text together as one unit, which is the intent of the original letter. I have included these translation for your edification along with some clearing comments concerning different words used to explain the truth revealed in Scripture.


1 Thessalonians

1 Peter