Now I determine for you to experientially know, brethren, that the things according to me have come more unto progress of the gospel, so that my bonds in Christ came to be clearly manifested among all the Praetorian guard and all the remaining. And the greater of the brethren in [the] Lord, after being persuaded by my bonds, exceedingly dare without fear to speak the Word. Some on the one hand also because of envy and strife, some on the other hand also because of good pleasure, are proclaiming the Christ. 1.16 On the one hand, the ones out from selfish ambition proclaim the Christ not sincerely, supposing to bring tribulation upon my bonds. On the other hand, the ones out from love intuitively knowing that I am appointed unto a defense of the Gospel. For what? Expect in every way whether in pretense or whether in truth Christ is being proclaimed. And in this I rejoice, but also, I will be caused to rejoice. For I intuitively know that this to me will come down unto salvation through your supplication and provision from the Spirit from Jesus Christ according to my eager expectation and hope, that I will be put to shame in nothing, but with all boldness, as always, even now Christ will be declared great by my body whether through life or whether through death. For to me to live, Christ, and to die, gain. Moreover, if, assuming it is true, to live in [the] flesh, this to me is fruit from work, and what to choose I do not know. Indeed, I am pressed out from two, having the desire to depart and be with Christ, much rather better; however, to remain in the flesh is necessary because of all of you. And having been persuaded of this, I intuitively know that I will remain and I will remain alongside all of you unto your progress and joy of the faith, in order that your boast should abound in Christ Jesus by me through my coming again towards you.