The Rephaim (רְ֝פָאִ֗ים)

Rephaim means fallen ones and is a description of the offspring of demons and humans. We first see them called Nephilim (mutants) prior to the Noahic flood, when the demons forcibly took the daughters of men and bore mutants (Genesis 6:1,4). These are the angels who left their first estate (Jude 6) and were put in chains as a result of their attempt to corrupt not only the seed of humans, but of all biological life (Genesis 6:12). Why would they do this? God had promised Satan that the seed of the woman would crush him, so some of the demons attempted to corrupt all seed so this could not come true (Genesis 3:15). Even after the Noahic flood they attempted it again, which is when they ended up in chains awaiting judgment (Nephilim on the earth in those days and also after – Genesis 6:3). After the flood they are known by different names, along with being referred to as Rephaim (fallen ones). The Moabites called them Emim (Deuteronomy 2:11). The Ammonites called them Samsummim (Deuteronomy 2:20). We see them in the time of Abraham when Chedorlaomer sacked Sodom and took his nephew (Genesis 14:5-16). As part of the land promised to Abraham and his descendants, the land of the Rephaim was given (Genesis 15:18). They were in the promise land and caused the Israelites to fear taking the land (Numbers 13:33). Due to their fight with Moses, the kingdom of Og, one of the last remaining of the Rephaim until the time of King David, resided in Ashtaroth and Edrei (Joshua 13:12) and were destroyed by King David (Deuteronomy 3:11, 13; Joshua 12:4), bringing an end to the Rephaim upon the earth. The […]