Acts 1:8 …but you will receive natural ability, when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be to me witnesses in both Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and up to the ends of the earth.

Do your words line up with your actions?

True evangelism does not come from speaking to everyone you meet about God, it is a natural result of you living your life according to who you are in Christ because by doing so you will show others a quality of God’s character. The threat of hell and damnation never saved anyone. Oh, it may bring hoards into the Churches at times, but they are not truly seeking to know the Lord. How a person comes to a saving faith in Christ is by the kindness of God, never by an expression of His wrath.

Actions always speak loader than words. Telling a person that you are a Christian and living a lifestyle that is no different than an unsaved person is no testimony at all. It just simply shows that you do not really believe what you are saying.

Before Christ ascends to the third heaven to sit upon the throne, He informs the apostles that the Holy Spirit will give them the natural ability to be His witnesses in all the earth. Christ did not instruct them to bear a witness, but rather, he told them they would be a witness. It is the same with us today. We are never told to go out and evangelize the world; rather, we are told to always be ready to give a defense for the hope that we have when we are questioned about it. Even the verse used for the Great Commission, when translated correctly, does not tell you to “Go”, but to “Make” disciples.  Matthew 28:19 “Therefore, having been made to go make disciples…”

In addition, only the proper application of the Word of God in your life leads to the natural ability to become a witness. Living by a made up law is not going to give you the ability to “be” a witness of Christ. We are not under law, but under grace. When Christians start to separate themselves from others by keeping a set of rules it alienates them and makes it impossible to live a life that glorifies God. Christians are separated unto God and as a result of living a life that lines up with God’s opinion of the saint in Christ others see the difference. They see how the saint struggles with the same problems they have to deal with but handles them differently than they do. They see that the hope that the saint has is real, not just wishful thinking. It is a hope that affects how that Christian lives.

In Christ, we have a new nature. We are connected with God’s Spirit; therefore, we are alive in our spirit and able to receive the things from the Spirit. We have access to a quality of God’s nature. We are righteous before Him. We are no longer slaves to the sin nature, but slaves to righteousness. We can have total victory over our spiritual enemies, mature in Christ, and come to a full experiential knowledge of Christ in us.

Set aside the old man and put on the New, which is being renewed unto a full experiential knowledge of the image of the One who created it.

Living what you believe, there is no greater testimony you can give to the world around you!

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