No savingness (ἀσωτία)

In Ephesians 5:18, the saint is instructed to stop being drunk with wine, in which is no savingness. In many English translations the word “dissipation” is used, meaning the foolishness of using one’s money or time in a way that only seeks pleasure, resulting in these resources being wasted. However, in the original language, it is a negation of the word “save”, which expresses the lack of salvation; not focusing on using one’s time and resources in a preserving manner. Therefore,  intoxicated Christians are not able to relate to the things pertaining to salvation; rather, they are wasting their time with foolishness due to seeking after pleasure. Therefore, they are not redeeming the time, Ephesians 5:16. This type of lifestyle is seen in the parable of the prodigal son, who took all his possessions and foolishly squandered them, Luke 15:13.

In Titus, Paul writes concerning the requirements of a Pastor. He is to be a one-woman type of man, meaning only married to one woman, and not have children who are accused of seeking pleasure over the things that relate to salvation, Titus 1:6. These are children who have no discipline in using their time and resources in a proper way and are living a lifestyle following after foolish things.

The things related to salvation impact our conduct. As Christians, we are not to foolishly waste our time with the things the Gentiles go after, for they seek pleasure above all else, living a lifestyle of licentiousness, running after every desire in debauchery and partying. This type of conduct leads to destruction for it does nothing more than waste the resources a person has, bringing upon them ruin. When we start to govern our lives according to […]