Our Purpose

At Word of Grace Studies Church we are dedicated to the accurate presentation of the Bible, focusing on coming to a unity in the faith based upon a full knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Salvation is not only about believing that Christ died for your sins, was buried, and rose again on the third day according to the Scriptures. Believing is only the beginning. In salvation God provides us with possessions and a position that affect our every day life. At Word of Grace we focus on teaching what it means to be a Christian and live a life that glorifies God while enjoying the freedom that He has so graciously provided for us.

What to expect during our Studies and Classes

Our services (studies) and classes are set up in a more traditional manner. All ages are included. We have a small room just off the the main meeting room for moms and dads with smaller children. Feel free to come in your favorite jeans or in a suite, either way you will not feel out of place. Since we are meeting in a house setting, our setup is more family oriented and we have times of fellowship between services to share with other saints.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Pastor Walker.


God is the Сreator and Sustainer of all things, seen and unseen. He is self-existing, one, and immense . He is eternal and unchangeable in His nature. His essence is Spirit and His attributes are omnipotent, omniscient, holy (set apart), righteous, goodness, love, and truth . God exists in a trinity of three distinct inseparable Persons; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit . All three Persons share the same essence and attributes. In the Godhead, all three Persons are equal.

The Christian Life 

The Christian is placed into the body of Christ by the Holy Spirit when he or she believed the Gospel for salvation. The Christ is a new kind of creation by God that is made up of both Jew and Gentile, in which Christ is the Head and the Church is the Body. There are no physical or racial distinctions in the Christ. In Christ, the Christian is complete, lacking nothing.

The Bible

The original manuscripts of Scripture are God breathed; The Holy Spirit bore along and enabled men to write the Scriptures. Every word, thought and concept in the original text of Scripture is verbally and plenarily inspired. The books that were written through men by the bearing along of the Holy Spirit, are the 66 books comprising of the Old and New Testament which books constitute the entire written revelation from God.


By grace, through faith in Christ’s death for sins, according to the Scriptures, burial, and resurrection three days later, according to the Scriptures, salvation is given to men today. The means of salvation for all dispensation is through grace, however, the object that faith was to be directed at and the content of salvation is different. The Jews are promised land, the Christians will reside in the heavens; their citizenship is in the heaven, pre-law saints are promised a city build by God.


Sin is lawlessness. When someone knowingly ignores the standards that God has set for them to live by, they are sinning.

The Church

The Church is made up of those who are in the body of Christ. The Church began on the Day of Pentecost. The Church is only for those who are of the Dispensation of Grace. Christ is the Head and the saints are the Body. Through the Church, God shows to the principalities and powers His manifold wisdom.


Adam was both formed from the dust of the earth and created out of nothing by God. Adam’s body was created out of the dust of the e