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Truth is very powerful. When we see things as they really are and accept the truth concerning our lives as Christians and God’s purpose for us, every aspect of our life is effected.


What is the Sin Nature

What is the Sin Nature?

When Adam sinned , his nature became bent towards doing wrong because in sinning he not only determined to reject God’s word, but also separated himself from God. After this happened, all of the offspring from Adam and Eve were born with his fallen image and likeness. As a result, we are all born separated from God in our spirit with a nature that wants to do wrong; even though we have a conscience which knows what is beneficial (good) from what causes calamity (evil).

Wrong does not just mean wicked or evil, although both of these terms can be included in doing wrong. Most of the things we seek to do that are wrong are a result of us rejecting God’s way and seeking to do it our own. Such as, we want to please God through our own efforts (works) rather than living out from faith through grace. Both actually produce works. Faith without works is dead – how can you say you have faith if your actions never show it? One manifests works to please God, the other displays works because in Christ we are already pleasing to Him. Israel rejected the righteousness of God in Christ because they sought to make their own righteousness through works.

The Sin Nature is terminology that is used to describe our bent nature that we received from Adam. Scripture does not use this specific term, but rather refers to it as sin or the flesh. However, it does specifically describe a part of us that seeks to do those things that we know are not right and how to overcome it, which is not referring to sinning – the act of lawlessness. Therefore, the term Sin Nature is used to help […]

The Law of the Christ – Theological Forum 2018

The Law of The Christ – Download paper in PDF.

The Law of The Christ

Caring for Members of the Body

Pastor Luther Walker

In the book of Galatians[1] Paul states that the bearing of another person’s weight[2] is filling up again the law of the Christ; yet, in Romans he writes that a Christian is not under any quality of law[3]. How do we reconcile passages of Scripture that seem to contradict each other? What does Scripture mean when it states a Christian is not under any quality of law, yet then indicates there is a law of the Christ and a law of the Spirit? Is a Christian under law or not? Ultimately this leads to the underlying question, “As a Christian, what are the guidelines for my life?” To better understand the rules of our household[4], that is to say God’s expectation for how the saved are to live their life today, we can examine how the word “law” is used in Scripture along with its normal meaning and use in everyday life so we know the difference between being under the Mosaic Law or any quality of law and filing up again the Law of the Christ by loving another saint while fulfilling the law the Spirit of life by our walk.

Since we are in the Dispensation of Grace, not the Dispensation of Law, the standard for our household is different. Scripture is very clear on the fact that a Christian is not under the Mosaic Law or any quality of law[5]; however, there is still a standard by which those who are a part of the Church are to live. Living apart from any quality of law is […]

The Letter to the Ephesians

The letter to the Ephesian saints was written by Paul, the apostle and the steward of the dispensation of grace, in 62 A.D. from Rome to reveal to the Church the mystery of God, which He kept hidden until now, and give instruction on how to live the Christian life, including how to overcome an attack from Satan.

Ephesians Translation

1.1 Paul, an apostle belonging to Jesus Christ through God’s desirous will, to the saints, the ones in Ephesus, even faithful in Christ Jesus. 1.2 Grace and peace from God our Father and Lord Jesus Christ. 1.3 The God even Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is well spoken of, the One speaking well of us in all spiritual eulogizing in the heavens in Christ, 1.4 just as He has chosen us in Him before a foundation of [the] world for us to be set apart and blameless before Him in love, 1.5 having marked off our bounds unto the placement of sons[1] through Jesus Christ unto Himself according to the good pleasure of His desirous will, 1.6 unto praise[2] of a proper opinion of His grace which He graciously gave to us in the Beloved, 1.7 in Whom we have the full redemption through His blood, the sending away of the trespasses, according to the riches of His grace, 1.8 which He abounded unto us in all wisdom and prudence[3], 1.9 having made known to us the mystery of His desirous will according to His good pleasure which He purposed in Him 1.10 unto a dispensation of the fullness of times to bring together all things in the Christ: the things in the heavens and the things upon the earth, in Him, 1.11 in Whom also we were appointed an inheritance, having […]

Sunday Morning

It has been a long three days, we are now about to enter the fourth day, Luke 24:21, since our Lord was put to death upon a cross. No one has been able to visit His grave yet due to the Passover Sabbath on the day after His death, John 19:42, and yesterday’s seventh-day Sabbath.  Although some of the women who followed Jesus had prepared spices for His body on Friday, before they were able to tend to His body, the seventh day sabbath came.

Now that the Sabbaths are over, early in the morning, before the dawn, they came to His grave bringing the spices they had prepared. As they approached the tomb they could see that the stone was no longer covering it so they went inside, but they did not find His body.

Mary Magdalene, seeing the body missing, ran to Peter to tell him that they have taken the body of the Lord, John 20:1, 2. Hearing this, Peter, and the other disciples, run to the tomb to investigate for themselves what was going on. How cruel could the leaders of Israel really be? Why would they take away His body after so callously having an innocent man put to death? As Peter approached the grave, he entered, stooping down and examined it, John 20:5. The scene does not look like one would expect because the grave clothes were still there, and the cloth used to cover His face was folded neatly and separately placed. What had happened here?

Shortly after Peter examined the tomb, John entered, for Peter had outran all the other disciples. Examining the tomb, he understood what had happened and believed what Jesus had been telling them just before His death, the Father did raise Him, John 20:8. However, many of the other disciples did […]


Late yesterday one of the most horrific acts mankind has every committed was done in the sight of those put into positions of authority to protect against this very thing.

Nearly two thousand years ago the High Priest, the council, and Jewish people put the Messiah to death by the hands of a Gentile. Not only was this man the Jewish Messiah, Who was promised by God to save His people, He was also God in the flesh.

The betrayal started on Tuesday night as the religious leaders of Israel led Roman soldiers to bind Jesus and take him before their courts to be put to death. After having been brought before Annas, who was no longer the High Priest, yet took it upon himself to judge Jesus as if he still was in that position, He was then taken to Caiaphas, where false witnesses were brought against Him and He was condemned by the High Priest and Elders of Israel for being God. Since they were not allowed to put Jesus to death themselves they handed Him over to the Romans to finish their work.

After being found innocent by the Roman leaders, at the behest of the Jewish High Priest, Elders, and people along with Satan and his demons encouraging them, Jesus was crucified.

After hanging their Messiah upon a cross, God stripped the light from the day as He poured out the sins of all mankind upon His Son. For three hours the persons of the Godhead had no communication while Jesus was suffering in our place the result of Adam’s trespass, which separated us from God. Around 3 pm in the afternoon the light returns and Jesus utters the words, “It is finished”. He was no longer separated from the other persons of the Godhead, now there was only one […]