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Truth is very powerful. When we see things as they really are and accept the truth concerning our lives as Christians and God’s purpose for us, every aspect of our lives are effected.


The Letter to the Ephesians

The letter to the Ephesian saints was written by Paul, the apostle and the steward of the dispensation of grace, in 62 A.D. from Rome to reveal to the Church the mystery of God, which […]

Sunday Morning

It has been a long three days, we are now about to enter the fourth day, Luke 24:21, since our Lord was put to death upon a cross. No one has been able to visit […]


Late yesterday one of the most horrific acts mankind has every committed was done in the sight of those put into positions of authority to protect against this very thing.

Nearly two thousand years ago the […]

Pure compared to Clean

Pure compared to Clean

1 Peter 1:22 Being in a state of purifying your soul by the obedience of the truth through [the] Spirit into un-hypocritical brotherly love out from a clean heart, you all fervently […]