Spirit Beings (The Other Created Intelligent Beings in the Universe)

The Different Types of Spirit Beings


The highest order of the spirit beings. There are ones with four faces, two faces, and one face. Ezekiel 10:1 -22.


These spirit beings are seen around the throne of God and described as having six wings. Isaiah 6:2, 6; Revelation 4:8


This rank of spirit beings are the messengers. They are involved in the day to day activities of both heaven and earth. 1 Kings 19-23: Daniel 10:13; Hebrews 1:14


Satan is a Cherub whose name was Lucifer1 Satan is at this time the god of this age.2 He is the originator and keeper of the world system.3 He is an adversary of Christians.4 He still has access to the third heaven were he goes before God and accuses the brethren.5

Creation of Spirit Beings

All Spirit beings were created in one act and were created fully mature.6

Present Duties of the Unfallen Angels

The angels that did not fall presently minister to the heirs of salvation.7 They are the messengers of God.8 They carry out the judgments of God.9 They protect God’s People.10

The Fallen Angels

One third of the angels fell with Satan.11 They are presently known as demons.12 They have the ability to cause physical sickness in people.13 They have the ability to possess an unsaved person.14 Satan and demons cannot touch a Christian.15 They still have access to the third heaven and are required to present themselves at certain times before God.16

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