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Revelation – The History of the Church – Laodicea

This is an assembly that is wealthy but does not have doctrine. It has exchanged the truth of God for the lie and thinks its financial wealth is of more value than Spiritual wealth. Those of this assembly have put Christ outside the Church, because even though they say they follow God they want nothing to do with Him other than what will bring them financial wealth. This is the state of the assemblies today. However, there are still good churches of the Philadelphia period around. Find them and join them. No, they will not offer all the perks of the big churches, they will just offer us truth, Spiritual growth, and edification so that we are living out a proper life before God in the face of a corrupt and perverted generation.

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Revelation – The History of the Church – Philadelphia

This is a time period in the history of the Church where the truth of God’s Word began to take hold again. Coming out of the reformation, the assemblies began to study and understand God’s Word. Although these assemblies are typically small, they have a big impact because they teach the Word of God accurately. It was through these assemblies that dispensations and rightly dividing the Word of truth was again focused on in the Church and applied correctly so that the Church took her proper place as one who is in Christ, rather than seeking to usurp Israel’s promises.

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Revelation – The History of the Church – Sardis 1520 – 1730 A.D.

As the Word of God began to be translated into different languages the people started to understand it and cast off the false teachings that had ruled for nearly 900 years. Still during this time, the predominant characteristic of the church was a dead church, but it still had those among it that were true believers. Many suffered persecution and even death as a result of defending the faith. Let us of the church remember this time and cast of its false teachings. Not permitting the separation of the clergy, worshiping of false idols and symbols, pagan religious beliefs, or any other aspect of this assembly to again infiltrate the Church, by knowing and rightfully dividing the Scripture.

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Revelation – The History of the Church – Thyatira

We belong to God and have nothing to do with pagan ways. When we walked as Gentiles, we did the things of the Gentiles, fornication, offering to idols, and serving those that were not God as if they were gods. Now we belong to God. Let us separate ourselves unto Him, casting off the works of darkness, celebrating the resurrection of our Lord every day by living out that life that we now have in Christ.

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