1.1Paul and Timothy, servants belonging to Jesus Christ, to all the saints in Christ Jesus, the ones in Philippi, with the Bishops and Deacons. 1.2Grace is to you and peace from God our Father and Lord Jesus Christ. 1.3I thank God upon every remembrances of you, 1.4always in all my supplication on behalf of all of you. I am making, generally associated with joy, the previously mentioned supplication, 1.5on the basis of your fellowship in the Gospel from the first day until now.

1.6I am in a state of having been persuaded of this same thing, that the one having began in you a beneficial work will bring it to its intended end right up until the day of Jesus Christ. 1.7Just as it is right for me to think this concerning all of you, because I have you in my heart, in both my bonds, and in the defense even confirmation of the Gospel, all of you being my partners of the Grace. 1.8For God is my witness, as I long for all of you with compassions of Christ Jesus. 1.9And this is my communication of worship, in order that your love yet more and more should abound in full experiential knowledge and all discernment, 1.10for the purpose that you approve the things that differ, in order that you all are sincere and do not cause offense unto the day of Christ, 1.11having been filled up concerning the fruit of righteousness, the one through Jesus Christ, unto a proper opinion and praise concerning God.

1.12Indeed I determine that you experientially know, brethren, that the things against me more go unto progress of the Gospel, 1.13so that my bonds in Christ become clearly seen among all the praetorian guard and all the remaining. 1.14And of the greater of the brethren in Christ, being persuaded concerning my bonds, abundantly dare without fear to speak the Word. 1.15Some, on the one hand, also because of envy and strife, some, on the other hand, also because of goodwill in Christ are declaring

[1] Christ. 1.16 Indeed the ones out from selfish ambition proclaim Christ, not sincerely[2], supposing to bring upon my bonds tribulation. 1.17But the ones out from love, intuitively knowing that I am set unto a defense of the Gospel. 1.18For what? That in every way whether in pretense or whether in truth Christ is being proclaimed. And by this I rejoice, but also I will be caused to rejoice. 1.19For I intuitively know that this will come down unto my salvation through my supplication and provision from the Spirit of Christ Jesus 1.20according to my eager expectation and hope that I will be put to shame in nothing, but in all boldness, as always, even now, Christ will be made large in my body whether through life or whether through death, 1.21for to me to live is Christ and to die is gain. 1.22Moreover, if, assuming it is true, to live in the flesh, this to me is fruit pertaining to labor, and what to choose I do not know. 1.23But I am pressed out from two, having the desire unto to loose and be with Christ, much rather better; 1.24however, to remain in the flesh is indispensable because of you. 1.25And having been persuaded of this, I intuitively know that I will remain and I will remain alongside all of you unto your progress and joy of the faith, 1.26in order that your boasting may abound in Christ Jesus by me because of my coming again towards you. 1.27Only you live as a citizen in a worthy manner of the Gospel of the Christ, in order that whether I come and see you, or whether I depart, I will hear the things concerning you, that you stand in one spirit, one soul, contenting ones in the faith of the Gospel. 1.28And do not be frightened ones in anything from the ones opposing, which to them on the one hand proof of destruction, but on the other hand to you proof of salvation, and this from God, 1.29because to you it has been graciously given concerning the Christ not only to believe in Him but also to suffer for His sake, 1.30having the same struggle, of the sort you see in me, and now you hear by me.

2.1Therefore, if, assuming it is true, there is any encouragement in Christ; if, assuming it is true, there is any consolation of love; if, assuming it is true, there is any sharing in common pertaining to Spirit; if, assuming it is true, there is any compassion and pity, 2.2you fill up where my joy is lacking, in order that all of you are of the same frame of mind, having the same love, together souled[3], being of one frame of mind. 2.3Nothing as measured by rivalry or conceited pride, but in humility of mind considering others of the same kind as having more value than yourself, 2.4not scoping out[4] each of your own things, but also of each different one’s things. 2.5For let this frame of mind[5] to be in you that also is in Christ Jesus, 2.6