At that time Jesus answered saying, “I agree with You, Father, Lord of the heaven and the earth, that You have concealed these things from wise and intelligent ones and have revealed these things to inarticulate babblers” – Matthew 11:25.

After Christ drove out those who bought and sold in the Temple, He healed the blind and lame that came to Him. However, the Chief Priest and Scribes expressed indignation over children crying out in the Temple saying, “Hosanna to the Son of David”, Matthew 21:15. In their position and due to the requirements of their studies to hold those positions, they should have known that God stated that His praise would be established out of the mouth of the inarticulate babbler, Matthew 21:16. This is one of the few cases in Scripture were the word “inarticulate babbler” is actually referring to children of an age where they lack knowledge and are therefore still under tutors and governors. Typically, “inarticulate babbler” is used of those who are grown up, but still act as though they are little children. Yet, the Chief Priests and Scribes’ concern was not in the incredible miracles that Christ did, but that the children were calling out for Him to save them.

The education of men does not override the truth from God. The Chief Priest, Scribes, and religious sects of the time stood against Jesus because they could not understand His speech, John 8:43. Not because they lacked knowledge or wisdom from a worldly perspective, but because His words were truth, and they were out from their father the devil. These where the ones who went to the best schools and had very high positions of esteem due to their vast knowledge, yet they held the teaching of men in higher regard than Scripture. On the other hand, those who did not go to the greatest schools in Jerusalem and were considered nothing more than inarticulate babblers to the leaders of Israel, they received the truth. After the resurrection of Christ when Peter and John were being examined by the Chief Priest and Elders for teaching concerning the resurrected Messiah, Peter drops some truth on them that makes them marvel. These men that were healed by their hands were a sign to let all the people of Israel know that Jesus, Whom they crucified, was raised by God out from the dead and therefore the stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone, for salvation is by no other, Acts 4:13. Realizing that Peter and John were uneducated and untrained they marveled. Uneducated means they were not of the letter, or scribes. And untrained means they lacked skill. It was not that Peter and John never went to school; rather, they did not go to the schools in Jerusalem and therefore where considered to have an inferior education.

Education is very important; however, a degree in heresy from a prestigious school does not make what that person teaches truth. Even in secular schooling, a school becomes known for the quality of education it provides. Today many schools previously known to have a high standard for their students now offer an education that most believe to be worthless because their degrees are no longer based upon the highest quality of a student’s achievements in knowledge; rather, they are more of a participation trophy. Unfortunately, this same philosophy has infected many Christians schools and seminaries. God has taken the wisdom of this world and made it foolishness, for it is not based upon truth, 1 Corinthians 1:20. Even though the schools of the world are failing in teaching the truth, we are not to be inarticulate babblers concerning the truth in Scripture. Education is very important for all saints, especially for one who holds the position of a Pastor. Having a man in the position of a Pastor that is a novice not only puts that person at risk of an attack from Satan, but through him the entire assembly is compromised, 1 Timothy 3:6. Our local assemblies are for the purpose of equipping us so that we come to a oneness of faith, no longer tossed around by every wind of teaching by the trickery of men. Therefore, they should not only be educating the saints, but raising up men who can teach, 2 Timothy 2:2. Some assemblies are able to set up seminaries where others provide Bible classes for more advanced education; however, even the weekly meetings should be used for edification by building up knowledge and application in truth. These are the types of assemblies we need to seek out. Today, because we are in the Laodicean period of the Church on earth, these assemblies are typically smaller, for they know that the truth of God’s Word is of far greater value than the riches the world offers.

Therefore, let us not remain those who must be fed milk, never learning to handle the deep things of the Word. Rather, moving on from the basic principles of the Christ, let us go on to maturity as we set aside dead works and live out from faith the righteous life in Christ that we now possess.