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The Methods of Satan – Doubt

Doubt is a lack in the ability to discern what is proper and what is wrong in our actions. As Christians, we should have our senses trained to discern the difference between actions that are good and actions that are wrong.

But the solid food is of [the] mature, the ones through the exercise train the senses, having discernment toward both good and wrong – Hebrews 5:14

Because of this inability to discern between right and wrong the believer hesitates and will not act out from faith.

but let him ask in faith, not while doubting. For the one doubting is like a wave of the sea driven by the wind and tossed – James 1:6

Anything done by a Christian that is not out from faith is sin, which means that an action that normally would not be sin, such as eating and drinking, can become sin to the one who is not discerning what is proper in contrast to what is wrong. How can eating be wrong? Questioning whether God allows you to eat it without violating His standard and therefore causing a conscience issue because our action is not lining up with what we think is God’s expectation of us.

But the one doubting, if perhaps, he should eat is condemned because it is not out from faith. And all which is not out from faith is sin. – Romans 4:23

The righteous live out from faith. Satan does not want us to live by faith because it means we will be applying the promises God has given to the Church, training our senses to discern what is proper and what is wrong, and living a life of righteousness out from faith, which makes […]

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