The Methods of Satan – Stealing

Stealing is taking something that belongs to another person that you have no right or permission to possess. It is a major theme in the world system. In many occupations, “theft” is seen as something acceptable. This can be done by overcharging, fake sale prices, getting others to pay for something they did not need, or selling them something that is not what it was presented to be. However, for Christians, stealing should not be a part of our lives.

The one stealing, let him steal no more, but rather labor, while working with his hand the good in order that he should have to give to the one having need – Ephesians 4:27-28

If we are going to suffer for something, let it be for doing what is right.

For let none of you suffer as a murderer, nor thief, nor wrong doer, nor as a busybody, but as Christians, not ashamed, and let him show a proper opinion of God in the midst of this – 1 Peter 4:15, 16

Ultimately stealing comes back to acting independently from God, which is exactly what Satan wants all of us to do. We are not looking at things as they really are and not paying attention to what God’s will is for our lives. Remember, that when we ask according to God’s will, He will give it to us. Therefore, stealing should not be apart of our lives because it is not taking God at His Word. We need to learn to be content within whatever situation God allows us to be in.

Not that according to need I speak, for I on my part have learned in which I am to be self-sufficient […]