Now that we understand that the Holy Spirit communicates His desires to us through the desires we get to do what is right and obey God’s desirous will in our lives, we can start to follow those desires and be led by Him.

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God – Romans 8:14

As part of our salvation, our bounds have been marked off to the placement of sons. This means we are in a special place of privilege that is not under governor or tutors – not under law. Being a son has nothing to do with the sex of a person, this is referring to a position of maturity.

having marked off our bounds to the placement of sons through Jesus Christ unto Himself according to the good pleasure of His desirous will – Ephesians 1:5

Now I say, up until as long a time as the heir is an inarticulate babbler, he differs nothing from a slave, being lord of all, but is under guardians and stewards until the placement by the Father – Galatians 4:1-2

As sons we are then led by the Holy Spirit, not by law.

And since you are led by the Spirit you are not under law – Galatians 5:18

The righteous live out from faith, not by law. Law is not out from faith. Living out the life we have in Christ is not done by pseudo obeying the Ten Commandments, it is done by walking in faith.

for God’s righteousness is revealed in it out from faith into faith. Just as it is written, the righteous will live out from faith. – Romans 1:17

But the law is not out from faith, but the man doing it will live by it – Galatians 3:12

The leading of the Holy Spirit comes by the desires He gives us to do the will of God in our lives. This is not done in ignorance, which means we need to use the new mind we have in Christ and discern what direction He is leading us through identifying His desires and following them. We do not use law to do this, for one who is living by law is acting like a child and will not understand the leading of the Holy Spirit. Don’t take those desires you have to do what is right lightly. It is the Holy Spirit expressing to you His desires for your life and how you are to live it out in a way that glorifies God. This type of leading has a far greater impact on our lives than words or anything we may see, because it directly impacts us at our very core. Let us use what God has given us, see things as they really are, know what God’s will is for us, and discern each situation in our lives so that we are led by the Holy Spirit.