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Revelation The Rise of the Beast

War In Heaven, Revelation 12:7

Michael the Archangel and His Angels Overcome Satan and His Angels, Revelation 12:8

Satan and His Angels are Cast to the Earth, Revelation 12:9

The Accuser of the Brethren Has Been Cast Down, Revelation 12:10

They have overcome him by the blood of the lamb, Revelation 12:11

The Church is in Heaven at This Time

Referring to the Tribulation Saints, Revelation 7:14

Rejoicing in Heaven, but Woe to the Earth, Revelation 12:12

The Dragon Persecutes the Woman (Israel), Revelation 12:13

Israel is Given the Ability to Escape, Revelation 12:14

The Dragon Tries to Destroy Israel While She is in the Wilderness, Revelation 12:15

The Earth Aids Israel, Revelation 12:16

The Dragon Goes After the Rest of Israel, Revelation 12:17

The 144,000 Sealed at Mid-Tribulation, Revelation 7:4

They are Spreading the Message of the Kingdom to the World

The Rise of the Beast, Revelation 13:1-10

The Dragon Gives His Authority to the Beast, Revelation 13:1-2

The Fourth Beast of Daniel’s Vision, Daniel 7:7

The Small Horn Speaking Blasphemy, Daniel 7:8

Going Back to the Beginning of the Tribulation

The Beast is Killed and Brought Back to Life, Revelation 13:3-4

Jumping Into Mid-Tribulation

The Beast is Killed During the War with Gog (Russia and her allies)

He is Brought Back to Life by a Demon that Comes out from the Abyss

He Makes the Whole World Wonder

They worship the dragon

They worship the beast

The Beast is Allowed to Do […]

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Acts December 2 2018

The Persecution of the Church Begins

And they killed the ones announcing beforehand concerning the coming of the Righteous One, of Whom now betrayers and murders you have come to be

Acts 7:51-8:11

7.51 Stiff-necked and uncircumcised in the heart and ears, you are always falling against the Holy Spirit. As your fathers, also you. 7.52 Which of the prophets did your fathers not persecute? And they killed the ones announcing beforehand concerning the coming of the Righteous One, of Whom now betrayers and murders you have come to be, 7.53 you whoever received the law because of regulations from messengers and you did not guard. 7.54 And after hearing these things, they were cut to their hearts and began gnashed their teeth upon him. 7.55 And existing full of the Holy Spirit, while gazing into the heaven, he discerned the glory of God and Jesus standing out from God’s right hand. 7.56 And he said, “Look with discernment, I am watching the heavens after being opened and the Son of man in a state of standing out from the right hand of God.” 7.57 And crying with a load voice, they held their ears and rushed with one accord upon him. 7.58 And after casting him outside of the city, they began stoning him. And the witnesses laid their garments at the feet of a young man called Saul, 7.59 and continued stoning Stephen while he called and said, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.” 7.60 And after setting on his knees, he cried out with a load voice, “Lord, do not stand this sin to them.” And he fell asleep after saying this.

8.1 And Saul was consenting to his […]

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Acts November 25 2018


Stephen before the Council

The Jews Opposing Stephen and the Word of God

Could not stand against his wisdom.

Incited the people to commit a crime and dragged him before the Council.

Brought false witnesses against him to charge him with blasphemy.

Acts 6:7-15

6.7 And the Word of God was increasing, and the number of disciples was exceedingly multiplying in Jerusalem, and a great crowd of the priests were obedient to the faith. 6.8 And Stephen, full of faith and inherent ability, was doing wonders and great signs among the people. 6.9 And some rose up from the ones out from the synagogue of the one called freedman, and Cyrenians, and Alexandrians, and of the ones from Cilicia and Asia, disputing with Stephan. 6.10 And they did not have the strength to stand against the wisdom and the Spirit by which he spoke. 6.11 Then they incited men to commit a crime while saying that we heard from him saying utterances of blasphemy against Moses and the God.  6.12 And they stirred up the people and the elders and the scribes and after seizing they dragged him and lead unto the council. 6.13 And false witnesses stood saying, “This man does not cease to utter blasphemy, speaking against the Holy place and the law. 6.14 For we heard from him saying that Jesus of Nazareth, this one will destroy this place and alter the customs which Moses handed over to us.” 6.15 And after gazing upon him all the ones sitting on the council saw his face as if a face of a messenger.

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What is God’s expectations for a Christian?

Christianity is completely different from living under Law. It is a life that is lived by grace through faith. The Gospel of the Christ was given to Paul to pass on to us so that we would know what is involved in our salvation, the possessions that we have, our position before God, and how to live a life that truly glories God.

What is “The Christ”
In 2 Corinthians 5:17 Paul writes, “therefore, since someone is in Christ; a new creation, the old things have passed away, behold, all things have become new.”

Paul is referring to our position before God and this new creation that He made when He created the Church. All those who are in this new creation are apart of the body of The Christ, where Christ Jesus is the head, that the Church is the body.

Baptism is a very important part of the Christian life. When you were saved, you were immersed (baptized) into the body of Christ by the Holy Spirit, 1 Corinthians 12:13 “For by one Spirit we all were immersed into one body, whether Jew or Greek, whether slave or free man, we were all made to drink by one Spirit.” The Holy Spirit placed us into the body of Christ through Spirit baptism.

The body of Christ is a new creation that was made by God on the day of Pentecost – the day the Holy Spirit came to reside upon the earth in believers, Acts 2. Within this new creation, some changes have happened that are important to understand. 2 Corinthian 5:17 “Since someone is in Christ; a new creation, the old things have passed away, behold all things have become new.” Many translation have […]

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