War In Heaven, Revelation 12:7

Michael the Archangel and His Angels Overcome Satan and His Angels, Revelation 12:8

Satan and His Angels are Cast to the Earth, Revelation 12:9

The Accuser of the Brethren Has Been Cast Down, Revelation 12:10

They have overcome him by the blood of the lamb, Revelation 12:11

The Church is in Heaven at This Time

Referring to the Tribulation Saints, Revelation 7:14

Rejoicing in Heaven, but Woe to the Earth, Revelation 12:12

The Dragon Persecutes the Woman (Israel), Revelation 12:13

Israel is Given the Ability to Escape, Revelation 12:14

The Dragon Tries to Destroy Israel While She is in the Wilderness, Revelation 12:15

The Earth Aids Israel, Revelation 12:16

The Dragon Goes After the Rest of Israel, Revelation 12:17

The 144,000 Sealed at Mid-Tribulation, Revelation 7:4

They are Spreading the Message of the Kingdom to the World

The Rise of the Beast, Revelation 13:1-10

The Dragon Gives His Authority to the Beast, Revelation 13:1-2

The Fourth Beast of Daniel’s Vision, Daniel 7:7

The Small Horn Speaking Blasphemy, Daniel 7:8

Going Back to the Beginning of the Tribulation

The Beast is Killed and Brought Back to Life, Revelation 13:3-4

Jumping Into Mid-Tribulation

The Beast is Killed During the War with Gog (Russia and her allies)

He is Brought Back to Life by a Demon that Comes out from the Abyss

He Makes the Whole World Wonder

They worship the dragon

They worship the beast

The Beast is Allowed to Do for forty-two months, Revelation 13:5-6

He speaks blasphemies – calling himself God

He blasphemies the God

He blasphemies those tenting in the heavens (the saints)

He Makes War with the Saints, Revelation 13:7

The Saints of the Great Tribulation

The Ones Saved Through the Ministry of the 144,000

He is given Authority over the World

Tribes – Israel

People and tongues – Those within nations

Nations – Gentiles

Those Who Have Never Had Their Names Written in the Lamb’s Book of Life will Worship the Beast, Revelation 13:8

From the foundations of the universe, up to this point they had not accepted the gospel message

Not pre-elect, but a failure by them to accept the truth and be saved

The Patience and Faith of the Saints, Revelation 13:10

Some will go into Captivity

Some will be killed

Patience – holding out under circumstances

Faith – Taking God at His Word