Happy Are the Dead, Who Die by a Lord, Revelation 14:12-13

The Patience of the Saints, Revelation 14:12

A Holding Out Under Circumstances

They are The Ones Who Will Have to Deal With Those Who Have the Mark of the Beast

Those who will go into captivity, Revelation 13:10

Their Patience is They Know Judgment is Coming Upon Them

These are the ones who keep the commandments of God and the faith in Jesus

The message at this time is of the Kingdom of the Heavens

They will be proclaiming the resurrection of the Messiah

Happiness of the Dead, Revelation 14:13

These are the Ones About to Die

Happy Because They Will No Longer Be Suffering in Toil

Their Work is Done

They will be Killed by their Masters (a Lord)

This is During the Second Half of the Tribulation Period

The Reapers, Revelation 14:14-20

Reaping of the Gentiles, Revelation 14:14-16

This Messenger is Likened to the Son of Man

The Resurrected Christ

Golden Victor’s Wreath

He is the Conquer – the Victor

Crowned With a Victor’s Wreath

Victor’s Wreath for His Work on the Cross, Hebrews 2:5-8

Crowned Him – Gave a Victor’s Wreath (ἐστεφάνωσας)

Because of suffering of death, Hebrews 2:9

He overcame death, Hebrews 2:14

Another Messenger Call Out to Reap the Earth, Revelation 14:15

The Time When the Son Requests the Father to Give Him the Nations, Psalm 2:8-9

This Reaping is for the Harvest of Dry Grain (ξηραίνω – made dry)

Angel is Speaking to the Son in His Humanity

The Reaping of the Earth, Revelation 14:16

Just of Unsaved People

Taking us to the Time of the Battle of Armageddon

The Reaping of the Jews, Revelation 14:17-19

Another Angels Comes out of the Holy of Holies with a Sharp Sickle, Revelation 14:17

Not Christ, Who Reaps the Gentiles

The Angel with the Authority Over Fire Calls to the Angel to Reap the Vines (Jews), Revelation 14:18

The Angel having the Authority over the Fire

The fire is referring to the fire of the altar

Michael will stand up for the Israelites, Daniel 12:1

The vineyard refers to Israel

Vineyard of Israel, Isaiah 5:1,7

These are unsaved, rebellious Jews

They are cast into the winepress of the burning anger of God, Revelation 14:19

Winepress is the judgment

As Christ is stomping the winepress this angel casts the rebellious Jews into the winepress

The Trampling of the Winepress, Revelation 14:20

The Trotting Starts Outside the City of Jerusalem

This Section of Scripture is Focusing on the Area Around Jerusalem and Moab

It goes from there about 180 miles