The Mind of the One Having Wisdom, Revelation 17:9

Wisdom is a Proper Use of Knowledge

The Angel is Explaining What the Symbols Mean So We Can be Wise Concerning Them

We of the Church Are to Understand Revelation

God Gives Us Wisdom Without Upbraiding It, James 1:5

There is No Mystery Hidden Within Revelation

Revelation Reveals What Is Going to Happen to the Church, World System, Satan, and Israel

It is Written in Such a Way that It Requires the Holy Spirit to Knit Things Together, Just as All Scripture is Written

It is Not Done Through a Private Interpretation, 2 Peter 1:20

The Seven Heads, Revelation 17:9 

Seven Mountains is Referring to Rome, Revelation 17:9

Historically, Rome is the only Place Known to be Built on Seven Mountains

We Cannot Take Know Places Today and Apply Them Here

The Harlot will Rule, Ecumenically, From Rome

The Beast Rises From The Revived Roman Empire

Not From Vatican City, Which is Not Rome

They are Seven Kings, Revelation 17:10-11

The Different Stages of the Revived Roman Empire

Starts With Ten Kings – They Give the Man of Lawlessness Political Power

Seven Kings is Shortly After the Man of Lawlessness Takes Power

The Resuscitated Man of Lawlessness is Yet to Come

The Beast is the Eighth, Revelation 17:11

The Rise of the New Roman Empire, Revelation 17:12-14

The Ten Kings, Revelation 17:12

At This Stage the Kings Have Not Received Their Kingdoms

Revived Rome will Not be Present Until the Man of Lawlessness is Revealed

Today, We will Not See the Rise of Rome

They Receive Their Authority for One Hour for the Purpose of Giving it to the Beast

They Give Their Authority to the Beast, all Being of One Mind, Revelation 17:13

They Will Wage War With the Lamb, Revelation 17:14

The Harlot is Over Nations and Peoples and Tongues, Revelation 17:15

Defines the Waters in Verse One, Revelation 17:1

She has Ecumenical Authority Over Nations

The Kings are Drunk With the Wine of Her Fornication – They Enjoy Her Religious System

Christ’s Warning To Some of the Assemblies Who Will Join With the Harlot

The Wheat Will Be Removed Before This Happens, Matthew 13:24-30

Tares are Those Acting as Children of the Kingdom of God, Matthew 13:38

The Harvest at the End of the Age, Matthew 13:40

Thyatira, Revelation 2:18-29

Involved with the Harlot Jezebel, Revelation 2:20

Some Will Not Repent, Revelation 2:21

Representing Catholicism

Laodicea, Revelation 3:14-22

Christ is Outside of the Assembly, Revelation 3:20

It is Wealthy, But Has No Doctrine, Revelation 3:17

Represents Liberalism in Religion Today (Progressive Theology)

Sardis, Revelation 3:1-6

Has a Name but is Dead, Revelation 3:1

Representing Reformed Theology

Scripture Reading

Revelation 17:9

Here is the mind of the one having wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, where the woman sits upon them;

Revelation 17:10 -11

also they are seven kings. Five have fallen, one is, and another has not yet come. And when he comes it is necessary he remains a little while. And the beast which was and is not also himself is an eighth and he is out from the seven and goes into destruction.

Revelation 17:12–14

And the ten heads which you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but they receive authority as kings for one hour with the beast. These having one opinion and they give to the beast their inherent ability and authority. These will wage war with the Lamb and the Lamb will conquer them because He is Lord of those lording and King of those reigning, and the called even elect even faithful with Him.

Revelation 17:15

And he said to me, “The waters which you saw were the harlot sits, they are peoples and crowds and nations and tongues.