The Second Strike, Revelation 16:3

The Seven Strikes are Directed at Those Who Took the Mark of the Beast and Worship his Image

The Second Angel Pours out His Bowl, Revelation 16:3

The Sea is a Reference to the Sea by Israel – Mediterranean Sea

The Second Trumpet Turned a Third of the Sea to Blood, Revelation 8:8-9

Now the Entire Sea is Turned Likened to the Blood of the Dead

The Third Strike, Revelation 16:4-7

The Rivers and Springs of Waters are Turned to Blood, Revelation 16:4

The Third Trumpet had turned a third of the waters to Wormwood, Revelation 8:10

Now the Springs of Water and Rivers are Turned to Blood

The Response of the Angel of the Waters, Revelation 16:5

The Angel of the Waters Worships God

Referring to Him as the Pious One – Holiness in Action

Giving Them Blood to Drink, Revelation 16:6

“They” Goes Back to Those who Received the Mark and Those Who Worship the Beast

These are Tribulation Saints and Prophets

Today We Do Not Have Prophets, 2 Peter 2:1

During the Tribulation Period There will Be Prophets Again, Joel 2:28-32

They are Worthy of His Strike Against Them for Killing the Saints and Prophets

Those Under the Altar Respond To The Second Strike, Revelation 16:7

Those under the alter killed by the harlot who see the just judgment of God on the ones who killed them, Revelation 6:9

They Respond With Worshiping and Praise

The Fourth Strike, Revelation 16:8-9

The Sun Begins to Super Nova, Revelation 16:8

The Fourth Trumpet Took Away a Third of the Sun and the Spin of the Earth is Increased, Revelation 8:12

Humans are Burned with a Great Heat, Revelation 16:9

The Response of Those Who Took the Mark and Worship the Image is to Blasphemy God

They Will Not Repent

They Do Not Give God Glory

The Fifth Strike, Revelation 16:10-11

Darkness Upon the Throne of The Beast (Jerusalem), Revelation 16:10

Only over the Throne of the Beast and His Kingdom

The Darkness Upon Egypt Did not Impact Israel, Exodus 10:21-23

Darkness Can Cause Pain

Darkness is a Lack of Light

They Did not Repent, Revelation 16:11

“They” is still referring to those who took the mark and worship the image

The pains from darkness and the sores from the first strike

They did not change their mind concerning their works

The Sixth Strike, Revelation 16:12-16

The Great River Euphrates Is Dried Up, Revelation 16:12

In Preparation for the Kings of the East

Along This Path is Where the Blood of the Armies will rise to the Bridle of a Horse, Revelation 14:20

Three Unclean Spirits Sent Out To Gather the Kings of the Earth, Revelation 16:13-14

They Come from the Dragon, Beast, and False Prophet

They Show Signs to the Kings of the Inhabited World

They Gather them For War

The First Part is a War Against the East and West

This Will Turn into Armageddon when they turn to fight Jerusalem

This is in Preparation for the War of the Great Day of God

Those Who Are Prepared for the Coming of the Messiah, Revelation 16:15

 He Comes When No One is Expecting

Those Who are Prepared will be Ready, Matthew 25:1

They Gather to Harmageddon, Revelation 16:16

Technically Pronounced with an “H” at the beginning due to the rough breathing mark

Known as Armageddon

Scripture Reading

Revelation 16:3

And the second angel poured out his bowl into the sea and it came to be blood as of [the] dead and every living soul died in the sea

Revelation 16:4–7

And the third poured out his bowl into the rivers and into the springs of water and it became blood. And I heard from the angel of the waters saying, “You are righteous, the One who was and the One who is, the pious One, because you have judged these things, that they shed the blood of the holy ones and prophets and you have given them blood to drink. They are worthy.” And I heard from the altar saying, “Yes Lord, the God, the Almighty, true and righteous are Your judgments.”

Revelation 16:8–9

And the fourth poured out his bowl upon the sun and it was given to him to burn the humans by fire. And the humans were scorched with a great heat and blasphemed the name of the God, the One having the authority over these strikes and did not repent to express a proper opinion to Him.

Revelation 16:10–11

And the fifth poured out his bowl upon the throne of the beast and his kingdom came to be in a state of darkness and they chewed their tongues out from the affliction. And they blasphemed the God of the heaven out from their affliction and out from their sores and did not repent out form their works.

Revelation 16:12–16

And the sixth poured out his bowl upon the great river Euphrates and the waters of it dried up, in order that He should prepare the way of the kings from the east. And I saw out from the mouth of the dragon and out from the mouth of the beast and out from the mouth of the false prophet three unclean spirits as frogs. For the demonic spirits are performing signs, which come upon the kings of the whole inhabited world to gather them unto the war of the great day of the God, the Almighty. Behold, I come as a thief. Happy is the one who is alert and keeping his garments, in order that he should not walk around naked, and his shame is seen. And they gathered them unto the place called in Hebrew Harmegeddon.