The Rise of the Second Beast, Revelation 13:11-13

It has the appearance likened to a sheep

One from Among the Jews

He speaks as a dragon

Deception in his words, Revelation 12:9

Deception from the truth, 2 Corinthians 11:3

Makes Those Dwelling Upon the Earth To Worship the Beast, Revelation 13:12

It does all the authority of the first beast

It performs these acts in the presence of the first beast

It makes all the ones dwelling upon the earth to worship the first beast

This is an Old Testament Concept of Worship which is to bow the face down to the ground (prostrate).

The Worshiping of the first beast will start in the middle of the tribulation period – after it has been healed from its mortal wound.

It does signs, Revelation 13:13

The signs will be performed in the first half to deceive the Jews

Fire from the first heaven (sky), which is lightning

The Creating of an Image, Revelation 13:14-15

Deceiving Those who Dwell Upon the Earth, Revelation 13:14

This is those who are earth dwellers, Revelation 3:10

They reject the truth and follow the beast, Revelation 11:10

Centralized Around Jerusalem

The second beast is given a spirit to cause the image to speak, Revelation 13:15

Speaking is focusing on words, not content. The image can speak for itself

The Image made all who would not worship it to be put to death

The Mark of the Beast, Revelation 13:16-18

The Image Makes All the Ones Dwelling Upon the Earth to Take a Mark, Revelation 13:16

This is a Visible Mark – Engraved, inscription, or branded upon something

A Mark formed by Humans, Acts 17:29

This will not be a hidden mark

Must be on the hand or forehead

The Timing of the Mark

In the Great Tribulation

Does not exist before the Tribulation or During the First Half of the Tribulation

The Beast must Die and be Resuscitated before the Mark is Demanded

The Mark is Required to Buy or Sell, Revelation 13:17

From Every Social Status, Humans are Required to Get the Mark

They will not be able to participate in the commerce of the beast without it – …It is not forced, the mark is given to them – in order that they should give to them a mark

It is the mark of the first beast’s name, Revelation 14:11

It is not the number 666

The Wisdom of the Mark, Revelation 13:18

Wisdom requires applying knowledge correctly

It is the mark of a human

Its number works out to be 666 – it is the number of a human

They will mark themselves with the name of the first beast