The Messiah’s Entry to Jerusalem

The Promise of the King, Zechariah 9:9

Two Disciples are sent to fulfill this prophecy, Matthew 21:2-4

Israel Did Not Understand Who Jesus Was, Matthew 21:6; Luke 19:40-44

The Promised Messiah

He will come from the seed of David, 2 Samuel 7:8-16

The Messiah would be born in Bethlehem, Micah 5:2

All the nations will be given to Him as an inheritance, Psalm 2:2-8

The Messiah would be cut off for a time, Isaiah 53:1-12

Seventy weeks are determined because of Israel’s transgression, Daniel 9:24-26

To finish the transgression

To seal up sin

To cover perversity (the sin nature)

The Messiah is cut off in the 69th week

The sins of the people will be laid upon Him, Isaiah 53:4-5

The Betrayal of the Messiah – Tuesday Night

The Passover Dinner is Prepared and Eaten, Luke 22:7-8

The Betrayal of Christ, Luke 22:47-48

Jesus Reveals Who Will Betray Him, Luke 22:21 ; John 13:26

Satan was Involved in the Betrayal of Christ, Luke 22:3

His attempts to Thwart Jesus failed

Those demon possessed where healed, Matthew 8:16

He Sought to Cause Jesus to Fail by Temptation, Mark 1:13

In the Garden

The agony of Jesus, Luke 22:44

The acknowledgment and willingness to do the Father’s will, Luke 22:42; John 18:11

The trail before the Sanhedrin, John 18:12-24

Jesus is brought before Annas first, John 18:13

Annas was not the High Priest now

Annas questions Jesus about His teachings, John 18:19

Jesus’ response, John 18:20-23

He sent Jesus bound to Caiaphas the current the High Priest, John 18:24

The Trial – Wednesday Morning, Luke 22:66-71

This is the Day of Preparation for the Passover, John 19:14

The Trial Before the High Priest, Mark 14:55-56

The entire council was assembled, Luke 22:66

Jesus clearly states that He is God, Luke 22:67 – 70

They Understood Jesus’ Claim, Luke 22:71

The trial before Pilate, Luke 23:1-25

False accusations, Luke 23:1-5

Jesus is sent to Herod, but refuses to answer his questions, Luke 23:8-12

Pilate finds no guilt, John 18:38

Pilate sought to free Jesus, John 18:39

The rejection of the King – Before Pilate, Luke 23:23-25