The Dispensation of Grace.

The State of Man:

The nation of Israel is rejected, being temporarily broken off from the place of God’s blessing, Individual elect Jews are save and become non-Jews, and individual elect gentiles are saved and become non-gentiles. Both Jew and gentile are made a new entity; the Church. All
people in the household of the church are treated by God the same, without national distinctions.

The Steward:

The Apostle Paul


The church is to guard the unity from the Spirit’ to love one another(other Christians) as Christ Agape- loved, to grow in
experiential knowledge of Christ, to live Godly, and to do the good and righteous works ordained of God.


Each individual Christian, being in-sphered in the grace of God, is to become Christlike through his experience, while he ministers as a
believer-priest his spiritual gift and the other designated spiritual sacrifices.