Late yesterday one of the most horrific acts mankind has every committed was done in the sight of those put into positions of authority to protect against this very thing.

Nearly two thousand years ago the High Priest, the council, and Jewish people put the Messiah to death by the hands of a Gentile. Not only was this man the Jewish Messiah, Who was promised by God to save His people, He was also God in the flesh.

The betrayal started on Tuesday night as the religious leaders of Israel led Roman soldiers to bind Jesus and take him before their courts to be put to death. After having been brought before Annas, who was no longer the High Priest, yet took it upon himself to judge Jesus as if he still was in that position, He was then taken to Caiaphas, where false witnesses were brought against Him and He was condemned by the High Priest and Elders of Israel for being God. Since they were not allowed to put Jesus to death themselves they handed Him over to the Romans to finish their work.

After being found innocent by the Roman leaders, at the behest of the Jewish High Priest, Elders, and people along with Satan and his demons encouraging them, Jesus was crucified.

After hanging their Messiah upon a cross, God stripped the light from the day as He poured out the sins of all mankind upon His Son. For three hours the persons of the Godhead had no communication while Jesus was suffering in our place the result of Adam’s trespass, which separated us from God. Around 3 pm in the afternoon the light returns and Jesus utters the words, “It is finished”. He was no longer separated from the other persons of the Godhead, now there was only one more thing to take care of to show to all created beings that God is righteous, Jesus released His spirit from His body and paid for man’s sin.

As the day draws to an end, having died upon the cross, just before the last light of the day fell and the Sabbath began Jesus’ body was laid in a new tomb…