The Crucifixion of Christ – Wednesday Afternoon, Luke 23:33

The Reason for the Cross, John 12:32

Part of the Father’s Will, Philippians 2:8

A Result of the Father’s Single Act of Love to the Inhabited World, John 3:16

Two Deaths on the Cross

Prophecy Concerning His Deaths, Isaiah 53:9

Spiritual Death

Three Hours of Darkness Upon the Earth, Luke 23:44

Payment for the Trespass of Adam, Romans 5:17

His Physical death

He Breathed His Last, Luke 23:46

Required for sin, Hebrews 9:22

Payment for the Sin of Adam, Romans 5:12

The Tearing of the Veil‌, Mark 15:37-38

The High Sabbath Preparations, John 19:31

Three days and Three Nights in The Grave

The Prophecy of His Time in the Grave, Matthew 12:39-40

His Soul Will not be Left in Sheol, Psalms 16:10

His Body Will not be Allowed to Corrupt, Acts 2:31

Four Days before Corruption, John 11:38-39

The Day after the Crucifixion (The High Sabbath) – Thursday

Placing Guards at His Tomb,‌ Matthew 27:62-64

The Sabbaths of ‌The Feast of Unleavened Bread, Leviticus 23:4

The Passover Begins‌, Leviticus 23:5

The Feast of Unleavened Bread Begins‌, Leviticus 23:6

The High Sabbath, Leviticus 23:7

Two Sabbaths

Death of Christ on Wednesday Afternoon (The Day of Preparation)‌

The High Sabbath (First Day of Unleavened Bread) on Thursday‌

Workday on Friday‌ (Preparation for the weekly sabbath)

The Seventh Day Sabbath on Saturday

The Resurrection of Christ on the First Day of the Week

A Normal Work Day for the Jews, Luke 23:56

Preparation for the Seventh Day Sabbath – Work is allowed Until Sunset

The Third Day After the Crucifixion – Saturday

The Seventh Day Rest, Luke 23:56

Christ’s Body is Laid in the Tomb on Wednesday in Preparation for the High Sabbath

The High Sabbath is a Day of Rest – The Leaders of Israel Break the High Sabbath in Asking Pilate for Guards

They prepare spices and perfumes on Friday, after the High Sabbath

They Honor the Seventh Day Sabbath on Saturday

Resurrection Day – Sunday

The First Day of the Week Luke 24:1-3

The Resurrection of Christ Luke 24:5-6

Three Days Since the Death of Christ Luke 24:21

Sentenced on Tuesday Night to be Put to Death by the Jewish Leaders‌

Turned over the Pilate on Wednesday to be crucified‌

Crucified on Wednesday Afternoon

Buried on Wednesday Before the Setting of the Sun

In the Grave for Three Days and Three Nights

Raised from the Grave on the First Day of the Week Before the Sunrise

Salvation By Taking God At His Word

The Message of the Gospel for Salvation, 1 Corinthians 15:1-5

Christ Died for our sins According to the Scriptures‌, Isaiah 53:11; Hebrews 9:28

Christ was raised from the dead on the third day According to the Scriptures‌, Luke 24:5-6

Salvation is by Grace Through Faith, Ephesians 2:8

Grace is God’s attitude whereby He gives a benefit without consideration of Merit.

Faith is Taking God at His Word‌, Hebrews 11:1

The Witnesses of His Resurrection, 1 Corinthians 15:5-8